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Gee, yeah, maybe you should know what this is about….

Marko Martinov is a seventeen year old high school student living in a moderately sized city in the midwest. He’s a second-generation immigrant from Romania, and something of a social recluse.

He’s also a strigoi— of the blood of werewolves and vampires— from birth. What’s more, he should not even exist… he is half-werewolf, half vampire… something that should be impossible. Only his guardians (his uncle and aunt) and his two best friends…. and his therapist….  know his secret. He’s never even seen another werewolf or vampire in his life.

That’s about to change.


In a few days, I’m going to be starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to print, promote and publish the Sanguine Chronicles…. which I intend to make the first in an ongoing series of books. I intend to make the book available both as an E-book through and sell paperback hardcopies as promotionals. A portion of the funds raised will go to enabling me to spend several months focusing on writing and printing the book. If I surpass my kickstarter goal I will be using the surplus to finance a trip to at least one convention to promote and sell the book (and extra print runs of the book, as need arises.)


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